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For over the past 14 years we have provided Internet, Voice, and other Communication solutions to satisfied customers. Our company takes pride in working to make a tailored solution for your needs. Whether for business or home we provide fast & reliable service.


Why do we beat the competition?

  1. Our Team of specialists comes together to give the best experience. We believe in providing our clients the best service, equipment, and personalized solutions.
  2. All our systems fall under tier 1 NEBS compliance and are regulated for the highest quality and safety.
  3. Our local technology is cutting edge technology and we upgrade continually.
  4. No more confusing call trees! Speak with a customer service representative located in the United States with less than a 2 minute hold time during all business hours.

Our Local Services

We offer networking internet and voice solutions for both business and residential customers.

Cloud Communication Solutions

Providing a wide number of communication options through Cloud telephony (Hosted PBX), we tailor a solution to your business needs.

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How DNA Works for You

First we strategize based upon your needs

Connecting to your premises depends on whether you’re a residential or commercial client. For both types of services speeds will be dependent upon the wiring inside your home or office and the distance from your home or office to our equipment.

…then we design a solution

All of the Internet services that we offer are broadband services. The standard packages you see rely on one of 2 types of DSL technologies. The first is adsl2+ and the latter is vdsl. For business solutions there are times when we might have to increase capacity, requiring fiber to the premises, or a dedicated point-to-point wireless connection. In some instances we can implement a bonded internet connection, combing 2 DSL circuits into 1 and doubling their speeds, both vdsl and adsl2+ can be bonded (availability varies by location).

…and lastly we implement

We strive to provide our customers with the fastest internet & phone services, lowest prices, plus the best customer support and satisfaction. That is the DNA difference. Welcome to the DNA family

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