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Connecting Your

Every business has their own unique DNA and culture. We believe your communication systems need to be as unique as your business.

Customers new to DNA Communication’s products will receive an introductory price guarantee to be locked in for two years with no early termination fee if they choose to disconnect at any time. However, if a customer has had their installation fee waived at the time of acquisition, due to a special introductory offer or any other condition, an early termination fee equivalent to the number of months that remain in the agreement or $200 will apply, the amount will be based on whichever is greater.

There is NO Term with this offer. A customer can cancel the voice or High Speed Internet components at any time. Price-lock guarantees price of voice and broadband for 2 years if customers make no changes.

Non-primary billing telephone numbers are NOT eligible. Special offers only applies to customer’s main line, they cannot add the offer to a second line in the home of small business.

Special Offers
Connect Now. Business Is Calling.

*Special offers and pricing are limited to new DNA Communications customers. The $18.99 per end- user special offer applies to the first 2 end-users for any solution plan subscription that includes 3 or more end-users. The first 100GB of free storage is for the first end-user; additional end-users may be included for $12.99 per end- user per month for the first 100GB of storage required for up to 5 end-users. End-users that require additional data storage exceeding 100GB will be billed $10.99/end-user, up to 5 end-users for an additional 400GB of data storage. Businesses that require additional end-users and more storage space may call 815-562-4290 X311 for special pricing. Customers who opt to take advantage of the “Buy 2 lines and get the 3rd line free” offer can apply this offer up to 4 free end-users or a total of 9 8 paid subscriptions and 4 free lines for the first 12 months. All offers require a minimum of 2- year agreement, which also provides a rate guarantee which ensures ensuring there will be no rate increases during this agreement time frame. Early termination fees apply. Following the first 12 months at $18.99, rates will revert to the normal current published pricing at $22.99 per month per end- user. The $18.99/$22.99 offers do not include broadband.