Cloud Communication Solutions

With the progression of technology, analog phones are a system of the past. By definition a “legacy” phone system is out of date and limited. Thanks to the latest in modern technology here at DNA we provide the newest communication systems on the market. Through systems like Hosted PBX, services now have the ability to stay connected to customers, employees, and partners in any way they need to.”

Hosted PBX

  1. “With a Hosted PBX system anyone can have a phone system based in the cloud. Use plug and play phones like Cisco and Polygon to set up a system anywhere. All that is needed is an ethernet connection and you’re ready for your first call.”
  2. “Our Sales Team will work with you to create the perfect system. Set up management options, fax numbers, extra lines, toll free numbers, no location restrictions, unlimited lines, and more. The options are immense and we are here to help you decide what best fits the needs of your company.”
  3. “Our team of Field Engineers are experienced in their field and will set up a system custom fit for you. Since everything is in the cloud there is no need to always (Most of the time?) dispatch a team member if ever something goes wrong. Just give us a call and we’ll handle it right away.”
  4. “A base configuration with 3 lines and 1 number starts at $100, and $80 a month. Any help needed is just a phone call away. All additional lines are $10 each and phone numbers are added for an additional $5. We also have toll free call options and vanity numbers. Call us today for a custom plan and pricing.”