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Digital Solutions – your anytime, anywhere answer to all your phone system needs

DNA Digital Solutions is a new, low-cost hosted solution that helps businesses of every size manage all their calls on one seamless platform.

With DNA Digital Solutions, you can:

  1. Automate and transfer calls “on-demand” to connect any person, any department … whenever business calls.
  2. Eliminate the cost and need for expensive technicians to provide system security patches, enhancements and feature upgrades.
  3. Access your voice mail anytime through audio files sent directly to your email inbox – you don’t even have to pick up the phone.
  4. Easily access all phone system features from a computer, laptop or tablet.
  5. Make and receive calls from any device, including desk phones, computers, laptops and tablets.


Digital Solutions

With Reliable Internet

Need ongoing reliable internet with no hidden fees or teaser prices? We have you covered. Let our professionals show you what’s possible.

Digital Solutions

Without Internet

Need ongoing reliable communications with no hidden fees? Let our professionals show you what’s possible.

BroadbandFor residents and businesses in the DeKalb, Sycamore, Rochelle, Hillcrest, Malta, Hinkley, Sandwich and Genoa areas of Northern Illinois, DNA Communications’ broadband technology offers guaranteed bandwidth availability. Enjoy a lightning-fast connection that enhances downloading, gaming, video conferencing and all your online activities.

Stop sharing your bandwidth! Learn how to increase your speed with DNA Communications today!