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Home Telecom Solutions –
Uniquely Personalized

Every business has their own unique DNA and culture. We believe your communication systems need to be as unique as your business.

The way you run your household is different from your neighbor’s.

How you use voice, internet and data in your home –
is different from your neighbors.

The DNA Difference – We listen first –
Providing the support that’s as unique as your home.

  • Personal Customer Support
  • Dedicated Connections
  • Solutions that Fit Your Budget


Connected Essentials Connected Basics
Unlimited Local & LD Voice +
Voicemail + Up to 10mbps High Speed Internet Bundle
Voice (no LD) + Up to 10mbps High Speed Internet
Plus Your Favorite Features:
Caller ID, Call Waiting, 3 Way Calling



Need more speed?
Add up to 10 mbps for only $10/month to either plan

Learn More, Save More

Waive the Installation with Automated Billing and a 2-year price guarantee

Eliminate Cellular Data Costs Get Free Wi-Fi and the first 3 months for $54.95
* Early termination of $200

You Deserve More From Your Telecom,
Call Today and Let Us Show You The DNA Difference.
Call for Additional Pricing Options-1-815-562-4290