Business Services

You have more important things to worry about than internet crashing or phones being down. Let us help. As a business customer YOU have first priority. Our technicians are dispatched ASAP when we see something’s wrong.

     Internet -$64.95/month plus taxes

Having quick internet access on the job is an essential today. Our job is to bring the services that you need with no hidden costs. Whether you just need to run sales without concern of disconnecting or enough bandwidth to run your own data center, we provide the right plan at a fair cost.

    Voice - $74.95/month plus taxes

For an additional $10, per month you have access to 27 call features on a local line. Each phone line is an additional $9.99 plus $24.99 for installation. The first one is on us.

    Unlimited Voice - $84.95/month plus taxes

For just $20 more, phone lines will have unlimited long distance calling and access to ALL our features including voicemail. Every phone line after that is an additional $9.99 plus $24.99 for installation.

    VDSL - Call for pricing