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Customer’s Choice!
Combining DNA Digital Solutions
with DNA Data Storage

It’s the bundle that can’t be beat!
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digital-solutions-logoWhat are they? Hosted voice management solutions, sometimes referred to as VoIP, with 3 different feature rich plans so you can choose the plan that works for your business.

What are the benefits? Several. But most importantly they’ve been designed to lower your monthly cost, allowing your calls to transfer seamlessly, eliminates the need to purchase and maintain a clunky and expensive PBX, and supports quick configuration changes without the assistance of a technician.

What about sound quality? Today the sound quality is frequently better than a phone system that operates over traditional lines. Gone are the days of jitters and latency providing your internet supports 5mbps or greater.


data-storage-logoWhat are they? A convenient way to store and share files on a hosted, secure server space dedicated to an employee or employees.

What are the benefits?

Accessibility: Any saved file from any device, at any time. Eliminates the need for small thumb/flash drives
Sharing: Files are easily shared between colleagues and friends with authorization from the originating owner
Freed up hard-drive space: Reduce the frequency of replacing your laptop or other devices due to limited memory
Security: Peace of mind knowing your files are always safe regardless of a lost or corrupted computer
Expandable: Your data storage cabinet can expand as you need, when you need with minimal cost
Easy: Integrates with your operating system for easy “save as” functionality

Prices starting as low as

  • $5.99 for personal use
  • $12.99 for business end users

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Finally the business-specific solution that offers

• Data storage
• Speed
• Simplicity and reliability
• Value


Get the most from your technology with DNA, and connect like never before

check Simplified Operations – One single phone system supporting both your customers’ and employees’ needs

check Added Value and Security – Increased data storage and peace of mind with secure backup

check Change and Grow – Add to your system when you want; not when it’s convenient for your provider

check Low IT Expenses – Reduced cost of ownership and technology resources


DNA Communications.
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